Between the lines...

Up early, busy day. Some time at the keyboard, then on to small stuff for most of the afternoon. Brief trip to the gym.

Another warm-ish day. Hope we start looking at snow soon or it's going to be a tough summer. High country's been getting some moisture, but nothing down here. Or next to nothing, anyway. With luck we'll have a long, rainy spring.

Pushed a handful of mss out the door the last two days. Now need to catch up on drafts and long overdue letters. Don't know what happened. Fell into a funk, I guess. Never have a problem with revisions when that happens, but starting anything new is always rough.

G.O's new script a bang-up treatment. No surprise there. RR's story/poetry collection also a terrific read. Wish I could say the same for the N piece that rolled over the transom yesterday.