Current events...

Yeah. Off the grid for a couple of days. Lots of doings. Lots more to come. Saw Oklahoma! earlier this week at the Ent Center, and later in the week caught J.S. playing keyboards at Stargazers with his new band. Last night had young J for a sleepover.

Writing time was scarce most of the week, but maybe that's the way it was supposed to be. Managed to do okay in spite of the crunch, and am still steaming forward.

Stole away for a little fishing time down on the Arkansas yesterday afternoon, and brought home a nice brown. She jumped when I first hooked her and I thought she was a rainbow because of the deep silver flanks, but it turned out otherwise. Didn't have another bite the whole afternoon, so no complaints. Wind aside, it was a good outing.

Mom coming Thursday. Uncle J's wedding on Saturday.