Notes from the underground...

Ugly-ass winds all day. Drove me crazy. Woke up at 3:00am and never really got back to sleep. Surprised I made it to the gym this morning.

Another rejection after a year's wait.

Quote: "Thank you very much for sending your story to REDACTED for consideration (such a long time ago). We read it many times over and unfortunately are going to pass. It's not quite right for us. It's an intriguing piece and you're a fine writer. I hope that you'll consider submitting to us again in the future. Thank you again for your great patience and support."

This is the writer's life. A year...waiting for the rejection of a short story. I can't do the math anymore, I really can't. At my age, it's too frightening. At least these guys were nice about it. I'll give them that. The other clowns, they deserve whatever Dantean end eventually comes to them. 

Out to a concert tonight. Branford Marsalis. Wish I weren't so tired. 

 If the winds calm down tomorrow, I'll install the new sod.