Sun's out, Guns out...

Woke around four, but took it to be a lot later. Sun's up by the time I get to the gym anymore. Makes me wonder if I should get out of bed a little sooner, although I'm not sure what that would mean come the back end of the day. By 7:00 I'm dragging. 8:30 I'm beat.

Put in what felt like a lot of good work today. Hope so. Each pass seems to get closer to what I'm after. Nothing to do but forge ahead and find out. Been a slow open to the new year with regard to the short fiction, and I'm not sure why. Don't remember having this many pieces in the mail before. Presumably I'm writing better stories than I did five years ago, but the acceptances seem to be slower in coming. Nothing to do but keep writing.

Weather was nice again today. Temps are supposed to drop again tomorrow, but it looks like we're staring 80 in the eye come Thursday in New Mexico. 

Gonna hang back and take it easy tonight. Eat an early dinner and relax with the kitties.