More comings and goings...

Off the radar a while. Sent Mom off to Albuquerque late this morning after four-night stay. Kept busy the whole time, and had a nice visit.

Policed the back patio while she was here, trimming, planting, weeding, etc. Tasked Mom with teak-oiling the patio furniture, and she did a damned good job for a blind eighty-eight year old. Place is looking good again, and should be entirely livable by the end of Memorial Day weekend.

Didn't get much accomplished at the keyboard the past four days, but sometimes that happens. Haven't been to the gym in the same amount of time, and am champing at the bit to find my old routine again.

Pushed a new version of The Outskirts of Nowhere out the door this afternoon. U of G is sponsoring a contest that looked interesting, and though I wouldn't bet against the house over my odds of winning, it felt good to get something off the desk. I'll worry about the outcome later.

Sending out warm thoughts to my sweet neighbor. It's all cake after tomorrow.