Memorial Day weekend...

Another late start. Up at 5:00, but didn't last long. Fell back to sleep and didn't wake again until seven. 

Good morning at the keyboard. Made some nice headway with the long piece. Still haven't gotten back up all the lost ground of the past three weeks, but moved forward. Need to retool my schedule. Give myself a few more opportunities to get things done. Not sure how, or why, I lost the handle, but aim to get it back.

Relapsed into the crud. Geez. Haven't had a voice for two days now.

Strangely overcast today. Thought at first it might be smoke. Whatever it is it's stuck around, and made the sky miserable. 

Saw The Rider today. An uneven attempt a taking perfectly good documentary material and dressing it up as a piece of fiction.  Some wonderful moments. Some not so wonderful moments as well.

Company tomorrow. Backyard grilling.