One big adventure...

Up at five and out the door to the gym. Home early to get in a few lines at the keyboard. Rest of the day looked after small stuff. Young M. finally "wagon broke." Took a lordly stroll over to CC this morning with him and loafed in the grass under the trees.

R's place is looking good, the boys happy. Got a little rain last night and the grass is happy for it. Warm today (in the 80s) but a nice breeze kept things from getting out of control.

New story came in yesterday from N. Eager to read it. Still haven't found that work groove I've been looking for to make up lost ground. Maybe things will start clicking tomorrow.

Young J on his way over for an hour or so. Understand he has a dance recital this Sunday, so I know where I'll be. Still searching for the right place to take him for his first fishing trip. We'll see if I can't get that wrapped up over the weekend.