Age appropriate...

Blew the early morning call. Grandfather clock chimed, but I slept right through it. Not sure if that's a first, but damned close. Couldn't get to sleep until well after three so maybe it's no surprise.

Held off going to the gym until this afternoon. Wrote all morning instead. Made some good edits to the long piece, then spent a little time with a new short I'm calling "Stray." A three thousand word joint that's got a mildly experimental narrative with a forward-leaning voice.

Went for a walk late in the day. Just a slow ramble around the neighborhood. Not sure why, but I'm all beat up of late and struggling to find any energy. Still have six or seven days left on antibiotics. After that, we'll see.

Grass is looking great. Funny being outside so much. Complexion of the neighborhood's changing. Lots of little ones running around. Seven kids under ten, next door and across the street. Makes things interesting, that's for sure. Brings back memories.