Sun and rain...

Seems like a long time since morning.

Got together with J&K and friends for dinner and concert last night. Lamb off the grill, home-made ice cream, prosecco. Didn't get home until close to midnight. Still, up around 5:30 this morning to work.

Tile guy came amidst client sessions and did his thing. Mural up, grouted...the whole nine yards. Between had a meeting at CityWalk. 

Started losing steam around noon, but managed to make it to the gym before 2:00. Thought I might get more writing time in when I got back but the doings of the night before caught up with me. Took a short nap instead.

Neighborhood's been quiet. Scary quiet. Everybody's off vacationing, or maybe just given up on being neighborly.

Hot today. Peaked somewhere close to ninety. Woke up and it was raining. Raining! Forecast calls for more, but I'll take this as it is.