Same old story...

A little after six and flagging from a long day. 

Up at the crack of dawn and straight to the keyboard. Worked hard but felt like I wasn't quite getting what I was after. Forged ahead anyway. We'll see how it reads in the next pass through.

Looked after small stuff most of the morning, then made a quick jaunt out to the metal fabricator to leave a schematic for the back gate hardware. Hope to get a quote from them before the week's end. Like to get everything in place and the door hung before Mom's next visit. Maybe get Vern working on the front wall at the same time.

Muggy today. Not as hot as it might have been, but hot enough. Decided to hold off mowing the lawn for another day or so.

Looking forward to getting up in the mountains. Do some fishing. Hard to believe we're this deep into the summer and I have so few trout to show for it. Shame on me.