Edging closer to the weekend...


Day was mostly sunny and breezy, but we caught another thunderstorm this evening and it's cooled everything off and damned near brought the lawn back to life. Been waiting all summer for the monsoons. Hope they're here to stay.

Put in some good work at the keyboard today. Came to the end of the current batch of revisions and look to change gears tomorrow and work on a piece of short fiction. Got a story in progress that needs and end. Think I may have found it. Meanwhile, gathering up the reading/writing material I intend to take with me to Wyoming. Might stop by the library before I go and pick up an e-book or two too.

Young J back for a bit of late afternoon convalescence. He's on the mend and much better than yesterday. Had a nice time looking after him. Dropped his brother off for school this morning, and figure to see him again tomorrow. Bright and early.

Felt fallish today after the rain moved in. Don't want to wish the summer away, but the cool felt nice. Looking forward to a good sleep tonight.