Wait a minute, It's Saturday?

Schedule's all throw off and can't figure out why. Circadian-clock problems, I guess. Been more tired than usual while doing half the work than usual.

Anyway, up by six-thirty and at the keyboard. Struggled early on, then hit stride and made pretty good headway on the long piece. At least I think I did. Quit early afternoon to go out shopping in advance of young M's second birthday, whose party takes place here, tomorrow at 11:00 am. Nine guests, which is seven more than we're accustomed to, but we'll pull it off. At least I think we will.

Feels like I haven't seen J in a coon's age. Look forward to maybe taking him fishing next week. Yeah. I'd like that. I'll start crossing my fingers now the weather holds.

Cut the lawns this evening. Not much else to do but get clean, wind down and call it a night.