Nice evening...

It's what, Monday? Where the hell did the weekend go?

Crawled out early this morning and realized the mornings are already darker than they were last week. Did some good work on the long ms., then moved on to other, less exciting things. Took the party stuff back to Bruno's, cleaned up the back yard, and went to work on a short critique. Same old, same old, except for the Bruno's stuff. 

Made a brief stop at the gym, then went off running errands. Gonna take young J fishing tomorrow. Looking forward to that.

Eureka! Was patting down my fly vest for my fishing license, and was stunned to find my previously lost prescription sunglasses! Goddamn. That was the best luck I've had in a long, long time. Made my day. Which seems unfairly abridged now that I'm looking back at it.

Back to work for a while. Enjoying the quiet.