Up and about, then out and about...

Big winds last night. Big. Woke early and went to work revising "Blood from Stone." Something about the piece has been bugging me for some time, and I think I've managed to fix it.

Made a trip to the landfill just afternoon and jettisoned the old fence, along with some yard refuse and other stuff. Hit the gym on the way home.

Got another rejection slip for W2BH, this one after fourteen months. Very nice note from the editor complimenting the piece and assuring me it will be picked up quickly by another pub. Reminds me  of what I went through while trying to get "Occurrence at the Night Owl Liquor Store" into print. Salty subject matter, cautious editors. 

Anyway, this is either the third, fourth or fifth rejection note I've gotten this year for a manuscript that's been held longer than twelve months. A record.

Nice night tonight. Still breezy, but the skies are blue and clear.