So dawn goes down to day...

Up early again. Not a tough time getting started, but slower than usual.

Read an essay today for N, and was kindly taken with its subtlety. Very nice piece. Some wonderful language.

Somehow managed a quick (and much needed) trip to the gym early this afternoon, and a nice late walk around the neighborhood with Mom. Enjoying the visit, but looking forward to the weekend and the old schedule. A lot of work ahead, and windows are closing left and right. Need to punch things into high gear if I hope to meet any of my ridiculous, self-imposed deadlines.

Thinking about a trip into the mountains this weekend. Catch a second look at the leaves. Might toss the flyrod in the back and see if I can get in a few casts along the way.

Young M tomorrow. Looks like a trip to Green Mountain Falls to try out the musical swings. Weather should be great. A Raisin the Sun tomorrow night.