The Comeback trail...

Woke up feeling a little better today. Took a while to get to sleep after a big dose of cough syrup, but once I went down, that was it.

Got in some decent edits before I ran out of steam. Did a little window shopping this afternoon trying to hunt down parts for young J's train set. A lot of work ahead to get it ready for Christmas. Put down the track layout this evening and did a little reading about risers and inclines.

Mom ought to be leaving Phoenix tomorrow, which means she'll be up here again before long. Expecting some new project work to float through in the meantime, along with a hatful of mss. from N. Figure it to be a pretty busy month. 

Haven't been to the gym since last Thursday. Longest dry spell I've had in a while. Can't wait to jump back in. Meanwhile early coffee with my buddy G, tomorrow.