Cold, colds, etc.,

Damned sore throat’s messing with me. Didn’t sleep for beans last night. Up early and out to the cottage to put in revisions. Did pretty well till I hit the last twenty-five pages. Need to think through what’s going on and maybe consolidate. Been simplifying all the way, and it’s been working until now, but I sense a bit of restructuring might be the solution. We’ll see. Main thing is not to think myself into a hole.

Got over to the gym early this afternoon. Had a nice workout. Gonna miss Nick, the old manager, but I’m happy he’s moving on to something (presumably) better.

Came home and put in a little more revision time, then fielded questions from the brothers and sisters regarding mineral rights. Need to dig up the old paperwork from five years ago, try and clarify things.

Nothing new in the rest of the world. M comes tomorrow, so I hope the weather improves. Still cold out there.