And here it is, Wednesday...

Back at it early. Kept the throat in check with a couple of Aleve, and managed nearly an entire night’s sleep. Up by six, revising.

Funny, but the last forty or so pages weren’t as confused as I’d believed them to be. They need some serious looking after, but the narrative seems to work, sequentially and otherwise, so maybe I was just tired the last time I reviewed them. Anyway, coming close to needing a break. Want to knock off another short story before I look at this latest pass.

Put in a long morning, then ran off to the gym for a while. Good workout. Best in days. Probably because I slept for a change.

M early tomorrow. Meetings later in the week. Maybe a sleepover with young J on Friday if all goes as planned. Weather warmed today and it sounds as if it’s trending that way for at least a few more days. Should make the babysitting a little easier.

Abernathy book interesting. Enjoying it quite a bit.