On the wing...

Yeah, so, some of these entries have been pretty weak. Mostly owing to fatigue, some owing to a lack of adventure, and some from just plain laziness. Gonna try and break that habit when I get back from New Mexico. Expect to be off the grid here for the next three days, and maybe the road will help bring back some of the energy.

Got something good going with the new short. First half of it, anyway. Can see the shape of the end, but will probably need to take a detour or two before getting there. Again, some time on the road should clear the mind.

Haven’t been inside my folks house in three years. I expect that leg of the journey will be a little strange. Might be about the same amount of time since I’ve seen D. Which is just as hard to believe.

Have to try and leave before 10:30. Make a nice clean getaway. Not worry about anything and just enjoy the time behind the wheel.

Fingers crossed I don’t run into any storms. Coming, or especially going

That’s it.