Big Blizzard...

What started as a damp, drizzly morning has now turned into a full-fledged blizzard. Hats off to the meteorologists for finally getting one right.

Was up early and out the door before seven for a coffee meeting that somehow never happened. Hung around the coffee shop an obligatory forty minutes, then headed back home to catch up on my edits. No worries. They day progressed as expected until the lights went out and the internet crashed.

Pretty nasty out there with the big winds and snow, and am just happy none of the trees have fallen or been stripped of their branches. It’ll take until tomorrow to see what the damage is, but so far so good.

Allergies are picking up, presumably because of the wind. Took a Sudafed last night and woke at 1:00 am, which wasn’t so nice, but may be forced to take another tonight. We’ll see. Meanwhile, going to kick back and turn up the TV to knock down the sound of the wind.