Return of the sunshine...

Productive Friday, for being all over the place. Up early to the keyboard. Made some good revisions on the long piece, managed some research, cleared up some billing issues and even got to the gym.

Two rejection slips today. One was quick and considerate, the other came after a query I sent off the night before. They’d had the piece over a year. Handed me a standard “no thanks” without any mention of an apology for holding the story up so long. Ordinarily, this wouldn’t have seemed out of the ordinary. It’s a slow grind. Stuff happens. But here’s the thing, if you proudly state on your submissions page that you turn manuscripts around in two month’s time, then hey, turn them around.

There. Enough.

The good in all of this is that (a) it’s Friday, and (b) there’s snow-shoeing tomorrow. Looking forward to getting away. At least for a while.