Fast forward to tomorrow...

Pretty day. Blue sky, lots of sun. Snow’s almost disappeared again. Worked through most of the morning, then took a break to go grocery shopping. Turns out that’s where the afternoon went. Guess I’ll have to regroup and try again tomorrow.

Was hoping to get to the gym, or at least go out for a walk, but both got scuttled by the clock. Now I’m looking at losing another hour to Daylight Savings Time. This is probably the week to think about reworking the schedule, see if I can make more out of the mornings. Be an easier decision if I were closer to the end of the long piece. Hard to come by blocks of uninterrupted time anymore.

Had a nice time at J & K’s last night. Stayed up too late, but that’s okay. The company was good, and so was the food.

Might try the movie tomorrow. Get a head start on a couple of projects when I get home. Haven’t heard much of anything from anybody lately, and I feel like I’m working in some kind of cosmic vacuum. Have three or four pieces that’ve been under consideration a year. One at two years. Another, crazy as it sounds, that’s still active nearly five years in. Just best not to think about it, I guess.

Looking forward to a quiet night.

A cup of Starbucks.