Just trying to keep up...

Starting to look like spring again around here. Some of the grass is already long enough to mow—which means I’m a week late getting the Lawnboy to the shop for an oil change and blade sharpening.

Got a nice breeze in from the west this morning, and it pushed along the gray that had been sitting over us since yesterday. It was a little cool when the sun got lost, but overall a pretty nice day.

Was up early making revisions. Came to the end of the long piece again, and figure to let it rest a while before looking at the new additions and subtractions. Meanwhile, on to other things.

It’s already mid-month, which means May is just around the corner. Mom’s B-day coming up soon. K’s & D’s as well. Also, the third anniversary of my dad’s death. Hard to believe it’s so long.

Saw The Mustang over at the Peak this afternoon. Nice, nice movie. Hard to watch in places, but well written and well worth the time.

Not ready to start the new week yet, but eager to get back to the gym.