Looking after things...

Been thinking about my old buddy, Tom, all day. The Notre Dame fire must’ve gotten to him, bad, despite his living a good distance from Paris. Hope he’s doing all right. Read in the news tonight they were able to save a lot of the permanent treasures, and that donations toward the cathedral’s restoration are strong. One more reminder there’re still good people in the world.

Was up early for coffee with G.O. Had a nice visit, as always. Wish like hell one of these times he’d walk in and say he’d just sold a treatment for a million bucks. Guy’s got all the talent in the world, but LA’s a tough gig. Thing I know is, he won’t quit. He’ll just get better. After a while they won’t have a choice, they’ll have to let him in door.

Young M great all day. Did some shopping together at Lowes early on, horsed around in the yard after that, got in some time at the gym while he was napping, then came home and rode out the rest of the afternoon in the house. Nice day. Looked like maybe another snow might be coming over the peak, but down below the weather was nice. Hope it sticks for a while.