This, that, and the other...

6:21 pm. Kitties are wrestling on the floor. Hard to tell who’s winning. Beautiful summer morning interrupted by Eric the Reluctant, who dropped by to explain why he wouldn’t be working today. Waved him off and went back to writing. Made good headway on a draft, then cleaned up and left to see a movie. Back home now, enjoying a bloody, bloody Mary.

Got a good rain yesterday evening, which brought the lawn back from the brink of extinction. Still no electricity in the north part of the house, so by extension, no way to activate the sprinkler system making the downpour a welcome sight. Who knows, there may still be a way to salvage the grass that’s left. Or at least keep anymore from dying off before the fall replanting can take place.

Enjoying the Dempsey book a great deal. Need to finish The Siege, soon, so I can write my review. Meanwhile, more painting to attend to. Also, some new writing projects. The summer is slipping by faster than I imagined. Feel the passing of time more palpably than ever before. Lots to do! No time for looking back, no time for regrets.