Time and time again...

6:21 pm. Same as yesterday’s entry. Suddenly I believe in the second gunman.

Didn’t sleep much last night, but felt rested just the same. Coffee pot was on the fritz. Looks like instant tomorrow.

Got some good work done on a story that seems to keep getting longer and longer. Hope deeper comes into play at some point, too. Enjoying the twists and turns, even though I know half of what I’m doing will end up in the trash. I love not knowing what’s coming down the pike. Around the next corner. I love hacking to bits what I liked the day before.

Spent some time with the electrician this morning. Week nine of the renovation is now in play. Still moving sockets around, trying to appease the Code Nazis.

Devoted the afternoon to commercial work. Articles for a local magazine. The change of pace was enjoyable, all things considered. Didn’t get out all day, but felt otherwise owing to the pieces I was working on.

Side note. Three types of clients you never want to work for if your livelihood runs to advertising: Doctors, lawyers, and engineers. If you’re in the business, this needs no explaining.