Not Quite Spring Cleaning...

Spent the early part of the morning revising a short piece (just under 2000) I’m calling “Burn Scar.” Happy now with the general cut of the narrative, but need to make a few more tweaks before putting it in the mail.

Spent the other half of the morning policing the house, getting things back to their pre-holiday state.

Am halfway through the Denis Johnson novel (again) and enjoying it more than the first time around. The man knows how to string words together. He’s also wickedly funny.

Feel closer and closer to being ready to take a stab at another book length story. Could use some more research time, but don’t want to stand in the way of ambition or get bogged down in details working on a first draft. The main idea’s there, and I think I have enough to run with it.

Talked to the folks today. Nice to hear their voices. Was told my sisters and significant others have mounted a cross-desert pilgrimage to Disneyland. Might sneak down to Albuquerque next week in their absence.