Forging ahead...

Dinner with friends last night. Mussels in white wine sauce, homemade bread. Cobbler for dessert. Still under the weather, but stayed up to watch Requiem for a Heavyweight (the movie, not Playhouse 90). Been a while since I’ve seen it. Forgot that Willie Pep, Muhammad Ali (actually, Cassius Clay at the time) and Jack Dempsey all had cameo roles. Julie Harris was terrific—as always. Gleason, Quinn, and Rooney too.

Drafted a new story yesterday. Also finished what I hope to be the last set of revisions on “Burn Scar.” Re-opened Riverbound. Will see where I can take it after a long cooling session.

Heading south to Albuquerque tomorrow to visit the folks for a few days. Need to pick up a book on tape from the library before I blow town. Weather’s good. Hope it’ll hold.