A quiet Thursday evening...

Got some sleep last night. Amazing what some shut-eye can do for you. Back and forth day at the office, but got enough accomplished I'd call it a win. Still trying to hook up with a new phone and carrier. Maybe tomorrow.

Read about a marathon reading of War and Peace taking place in Russia. Smithsonian Magazine carried the story. Pretty cool. Each participant logs in a three minute stretch, then passes it off to the next guy.

Almost at the end of N. Maclean's Young Men and Fire. Not a brilliant book, styistically. But full of heart. It's going to be one of those reads that stays with me the rest of my life. Really sad to come to the end of it.

Need to move on to the second round of readings for the SF stories. Have thought about all of them, and can't wait to dig in again. Lots of good stuff there. 

Nice day today. Warm again. Can't believe Christmas is only 15 days away.