Restless in Colorado Springs...

Up at 2:00 am. Back to sleep after 5:00. Not good. Early to bed, late to bed, no difference. Still can't seem sleep through the night.

Made some progress on the new/old story at the office. Not a lot, but enough to feel as though something was accomplished.

Called the English department of Northern Kentucky today to see if I could find out what happened to my contributor copies of the Licking River Review. "Stuck" was supposed to have come out in # 45, last year, but have no idea whether the issue even ran. Last I heard, there was a death on the editorial staff, and the publication date had been pushed back. Looking forward to a call back to see where things stand.

Should have been a warm afternoon--weather reports called for temps in the 60s--but I swear it didn't reach much over 50. If that. Got in a mid-afternoon walk and quick workout at the gym after work. But tired. Had a difficult time getting motivated.

New phone. Gotta get a new phone before SF.