Where did the day go?

Found my way to the keyboard early this morning and put in another good round of revisions on "Dancing with the Devil." Guess I'll let it cool for a while now and get on to something else. Story's in place, just needs time to settle.

Spent the rest of the day outdoors, building a coffin. Turned out well. Needs some upholstery and a few finishing touches, but is ready for its maiden voyage in the Halloween graveyard. Gotta go to work on the Wicked Witch's crystal ball now, see if I can't find a way to light it and feed it full of smoke. Gonna be a bit of a challenge, that one.

Lovely fall day. Trees have been thinned of their leaves by two days of blustery winds, but not completely denuded, and what's left is still fine to look at. Hope it stays this way for a while. A long while.

Word to Bob Dylan: Call the Nobel Prize people. Seriously.