Monday, Monday...

Awakened by phone just before six. Forgot I'd set the alarm. So dark now in the mornings, need a little help getting up and off to the gym. Anyway, made it in, and back, in time to get in some revisions out of the way, along with a bit of office work.

Pretty morning. One to remember. Wish the day could have lasted even longer.

Coming up on crunch time for the Halloween display. Found the perfect "remains" for the new coffin. A hooded cape for the Grim Reaper and graveyard west ought to be ready for the check box. Porch display's another animal altogether. Still not sure how the witch's crystal ball will fare. Good part about having her on ground level is I don't have to clamber around the rooftop this year. Gets kind of dicey up there late a night, especially with fog machines pumping out smoke.

Braces come off exactly one week from tomorrow. Not saying anything more until then. Except WHOOHOO. Twenty-six months. A long twenty-six months.