Wednesday Evening, 5:40 pm...

Bunch of crazy dreams last night. Bit my tongue, hard, in the middle of one of them, and it's been smarting all day.

Put in some good time at keyboard, caught up with an old friend for a quick hello, pushed a couple of projects out the door, the went off to the gym. All in all, a productive day. 

Still looks like fall. Trees are a bit more bare than they were last week, but the colors have hung on. Skies are still a deep blue, too. Be nice to get up in the mountains and do some fishing this weekend, but don't expect it to happen, what with all the work that needs to be done. We'll see.

Read today that 80 some percent of all Americans are ready for the election to be over. Gotta say I'm one of them. Have I felt that way every election year and just forgotten?