Gains and losses...

Looked after little things this morning. Managed a walk through the neighborhood, too. Quite the day. Sunny, mild, blue skies. Park was empty except for a few joggers. Got that longing, that tug at the heart that comes this time of year. Reminds me of when I was a kid, growing up in Wisconsin. All those long hikes in the park. The oak trees. Plum orchards. Farm houses.

Late to the office, and a little spent by the time I arrived. Still, managed to get some work out the door. Made it to the gym late, but pushed through. Learned one of my long time buddies had his truck stolen two days ago. Was in the shower when someone lifted his keys and made off with his ride. Felt for him. Had my house burgled many years back and was homicidal over it. Took my dad, a federal law enforcement officer, to walk me back. Gutless stuff, stealing. Hope B. gets his vehicle back and learns to make peace. It's all you can do.

Early morning meeting tomorrow with an old friend. Looking forward to it. Tired tonight. Think I'll settle in and let things go which way they will.