Thoughts on a cold Thursday evening...

Out of the house at 5:30. Fourth night in a row I haven't slept. Went to the gym, worked out, came home and got ready for work.

Read, rewrote, revised, and critiqued. Then home again to look after little things. Quiet early afternoon. Studying TJ's Poetics again. Endless font of information. 

Winter announced its entrance late this afternoon. Flurries. Dropped temps. Had to come sooner or later, yes? Anyway, made due. Offered it up, as the nuns used to say. My god, but what our forebears endured! Trying to imagine what it would be like living in the cabin in Wyoming all winter--with food and without fear of losing your topknot to savages. My grandfather would have thought it a picnic!

Get tough. Grrrrrr. Read the closing chapter of No Country for Old Men last night. Remembered my dad. A tough man, feeling his way through this life like the rest of us. Not always right, but always dad. I can live with that. I miss him.