A Saturday Evening Post...

Falling behind!

Got in some good edits this morning before jumping into chores around the house. May have put the final edits on "Man of Letters." Will have to let it go cold one more time before passing judgment. More good work on "Te Quiero Con Todo Mi Corazon" too. Best to let that one sit for a few days before going back. Move on to something else.

Nice note from N regarding a story I kicked up stairs. Didn't make the final cut, but got a lot of praise. Feels good to see solid work noticed. Hope the author finds a good home for the piece.

Hit a movie early afternoon. Arrival. It had some interesting moments, and beautiful effects but fell short, I think, in the end. Enjoyed it, but don't need to see it again.

Mom coming in tomorrow. Seems like she just left. Guess that speaks to how crazy life's been the past month. Miss the summer. Miss the fall. The good parts, anyway. Feels as if it's going to be a long winter.

One revelation. The gym is virtually empty at 5:00 on Saturday night.