Where I am going, where I have been...

Well. Hardly got anywhere today. Made it into the office at a respectable hour, but kept getting pulled away from my work. Got some revisions in place, but not a whole lot more before having to leave and look after things at home. Lot of back and forth.

Wrote two critiques and read a new story this afternoon. Made a pot of minestrone soup while I worked. Something to be happy about, I guess.

Didn't make it to the gym today. Maybe its for the best, given the sinus infection. Don't want to make things worse. Especially after getting a start on the antibiotics. Tomorrow's supposed to be a hairpin road, from what I'm told. May as well enjoy the breather while I've got it. 

Gonna try and kick back tonight, get a little reading in. We'll see how that goes. Like to close in on these last 60 or so pages of The Searchers.

Found out late last night my short story "Riverbound" was named a finalist in the Sequestrum New Writer Awards. Nice to hear. Made for a good night's sleep.