Bring forth the ring, Frodo...

Been knocked around by this stinking sinus infection. But still on my feet. Crazy morning. Back and forth. Home, office, office home. Even so, managed to get some project work out of the way.

Gotta tweak "Man of Letters" and get it off to B&T. Tried this afternoon, but needed one last pass to see it through. Didn't happen. Too many distractions. Will ship it off tomorrow, hell or high water. Still feel good about the piece, but interested to know what anyone else thinks.

Cold again today. Not bitter, but enough to wear gloves. Expect I'll be repeating those words for the next few months. Would like to get out for a long walk. Haven't done that in a while. A hike in the mountains would be nice.

Started A.B. Guthrie's Big Sky this morning. Didn't get far, but liked what I read. Didn't realize he helped adapt the screenplay for Shane. Pretty cool, pretty cool.

Tired. Gonna hang it up for the evening. Dream about castles and wizards and things.