The best I can do...

Gotta stop making this late entries. Too tired to dig into anything substantive.

Up early. Or late, depending on how you look at it. A new Daylight Savings time to contend with. Don't care much for the early sunset, but definitely appreciate waking up to anything resembling light when heading off to the gym in the morning.

Spend a lot of time at the keyboard this morning looking for a new story to write. Didn't have a whole lot of luck. Then again, might have just been me. Been burned out on my own work for a while. Need to clear my head by getting into something new. Read J. Carol Oates's Omen today. Want to dig deeper into her work. Meanwhile, two new pieces in from N.

Cleaned the garage yesterday. Felt good getting things organized again. Looking ahead to making permanent changes. Makes a big difference knowing where things are, when you need them. Like having a well-organized library.

Talked to Mom earlier this evening. She sounded good for the most part. A few troubling bits of news, but that's always the case, isn't it?

Tomorrow, green woods and pastures new as Milton would say.