Small changes, big adjustments...

Hit the gym early. Lots of new folks. Getting almost too crowded, mornings. As a rope-skipping, bag hitting, old-school chin up guy, I find I resent others who feel the need to spread heavy equipment around the workout area, then spend half their workout staring at themselves in the mirror. There. End of bitch.

Home early to new little responsibilities. The maiden voyage. Whole thing went smoother than expected, but there's no putting this one down. Not for a second. A hands-on operation all the way. Missed the Monday mornings I've been able to have through the summer, but who knows what the new routine will bring. Anyway, managed to read a few short stories while walking the floor.

Late to the office this afternoon. Made some project revisions, popped off a few emails, and wrote two critiques for N before heading out to the airport to pick up K. Crazy day all around. More tomorrow, it sounds like. 

Haverthorn came in the mail today. Contributor copy for "Beggar's Banquet enclosed. Others should follow. Nice to see something coming in for a change.