New under the sun...

Off line a few days owing to tech difficulties. Hate falling behind like that. Anyway, back up now, fingers crossed I won't have anymore problems for a while.

Hot the past couple of days. Wish I could say I was enjoying it, but that would be a big fat lie. Thank God for AC. Be different if I were up in the mountains, only I don't expect that to happen for a while. Not with all the new work trickling in, and a hatful of story critiques looming.

Finished the edits on "Riverbound" and shipped it off today to American Fiction 2016. Last day of the deadline. Word count came in somewhere around 9,300, and that puts it out of contention with at least 80 percent of the lit mags in the market. Ran into the length issue last year with "Desperado." But AF liked it and picked it up. Not sure how they feel about back-to-back submissions, but which ever way the chips fall, it was good to get another piece into circulation.

New fly vest came in. It's a beaut. Still miss the old one, but Orvis did a hell of a job loading me up with new gear. Can't wait to try it out. First trip to Wyoming looks to happen in early July, but need to break things in here at home before that.