Beer & Brats...

Father's Day. No father anymore. Still can't make it all the way around that one.

Went up to Elevenmile yesterday and broke in the new equipment. The vest is as good as it gets. Same with the other gear. Took no getting used to at all. Water was lower than expected, but clear and cool. Caught and released three nice brown in all, and got in a hundred good casts. There was smoke in the air from the Dog Head fire down in the Manzanos, but nothing too distracting. Mostly, it was just a nice relaxing day on the water. Even the tubers coming downriver were well behaved.

Coffee out on the back patio this morning. Temps again well over ninety, and expected to remain that way for the rest of the week. Seems hotter this spring than last, but that's probably my imagination. Just happy we can fall back on AC now and then. Especially to cool the house at night before bed.

Put in some good work at the keyboard today. Finished a draft of a new story, and make progress editing two older pieces. Going through one of those odd times when it's difficult to know what's worth spending time on and what's better off being pushed out the door. Nice to have a serious block of time to go after a piece, though. The diction becomes more consistent, and the rhythms are easier to follow.

Guests coming for dinner. Brats on the grill. Gotta twelve pack on ice in the cooler out back, and a cold Heiney call my name.