Mid-day Meditation...

Early post. Getting ready to shower off after working in the yard all day. Policed the lawn, got a start on tidying up the Augean stable I call my garage, and rigged electricity to the backyard fountain.

Gym was dark and empty this morning. First that's happened since the joint opened four years ago. Kinda nice. Blazed through my workout in absolute silence. Very Zen, very efficient. 

Two nights ago, came outside to witness the strangest lightning storm I think I've ever seen. Bursts of ragged light, one after another, high in the night sky, that went on uninterrupted for minutes. There was no thunder. Just this low, rolling rumble. Was like something out of a sci-fi movie.

Fires must still be burning hard. The sky was a miserable blue-gray haze all day. Read there are new blazes in Wyoming, too. One close to Tensleep. Hope the rains come soon. The firefighters could use some help.

Picked up some new commercial work yesterday. Happy about that. Also got my first contributor copy of the Flint Hills Review, featuring my story "Into the Sunset." Beautiful cover. Need to put in for additional copies. Spread the word, as they say.

Got to remind myself of the victories, not the losses. The brilliant moments when lightning strikes, and everything is illuminated. Need to look ahead, always, or risk letting the next one slip by, unnoticed.