A day in the life...

Not to whine about the weather, but hey, enough of the smoke and heat.

Tomorrow marks the first of August. Gonna be a month of guests, visitors, and family. Not used to so much company all at one time. A tweak here, an adjustment there, and everything ought to work out. But other adjustments lie ahead, too. There's no getting around it.

Put in another morning of good work on my manuscripts. Wasn't able to move as far ahead as I would have liked with the N mss., but managed to draft part of a critique, so that was something. Might have more gas in the tank to look at another tonight, or then again might save the whole batch for morning.

Trying to get the house in order. Ma's coming tomorrow. A week's stay. Picked up a new, miniature box spring to lower the mattress on the guest bed for her. Success. Also picked up some removable shower handles for the walk-in. Not a success, but that leaves the ledger even. Guess we'll fly by the seat of our pants from here on in.

A lot on the mind. Is it possible to have a lot on the heart, too? The soul?

I miss Wyoming...my dad...  

Have the feeling tomorrow's going to be an interesting day. Arms outstretched one moment, dukes up the next.