Independence day...

Witnessed a small slice of  Americana this morning. A neighborhood Fourth of July parade. Little kids on bikes decorated with streamers. Other little kids in wagons, or pushing scooters. Red, white, and blue everywhere. Folks came out and sat curbside in lawn chairs to wave and cheer them on. Was quite the spectacle.

Spent the afternoon splitting my time reading manuscripts and grieving over the poor, burned up lawn. The late afternoon buying shrubs to replace the burned out hostas on the side yard. (Sigh.) Back to back weeks of hot weather. Just couldn't keep up with it.

Tuesday, tomorrow. Fingers crossed it doesn't go down the tubes. Short weeks always prove longer than regular weeks, so I'm not counting on it. But here's hoping. Would like to get back at work on one of my own stories.

Sent proof of "Desperado" back to the American Fiction eds this morning. Look forward to seeing it in print.