Time is tapping on my forehead...

Woke up to a cool morning, clear blue skies. No smoke from distant fires, no haze. Could use a few more days like this, though I expect we're a long way from cool weather. Neighborhood was quiet when I went off to the gym. Didn't get much of a workout once there, but had a fine time chasing back and forth from home to Safeway searching for my lost wallet. Thought I'd dropped it on the way out of the store last night. After much grief and gnashing of teeth though, I discovered, no, I'd kicked it under the bed while undressing the night before. Duh.

Into the office early for a teleconference, then home again to work. Walked in on the kitties during one of their needy times, and was forced onto the front porch, laptop in hand. Turned out to be a good thing. A perfect day for working outdoors. Typing outdoors, anyway.

Funny. Was starting to go buggy over all the manuscripts I've got in the mail, and all the nothing I've been getting in return. Then, just when I'd written off hearing from anyone until fall, a little angel came along with a great big acceptance in hand. Wraparound South asked for the rights to "Shark Week" for their Summer issue. Closed the deal late this afternoon after writing a brief question/answer piece for their "Backporch" section.

Three new projects on the burner, so Wyoming is now a dream for late July. Particularly if the N stuff starts rolling in. Gonna have my hands full when that dam breaks. Need to think about hitting the office early--really early--to capitalize on writing time. Can't think worth a damn when it gets too hot, and good breaks at the keyboard are going to come at a premium.

Mr. Patrick coming up tomorrow from Albuquerque for an overnight. Should make for an interesting evening. Hard to believe it's already Wednesday. Even harder to believe it's already July.