That thing we do...

Posting from the kitchen, 9:21 pm. Waiting for the cool to blow in, but definitely not holding my breath. Looks like another day in the nineties tomorrow. Maybe all week. 

Made some progress with the N stories this morning. Decided to push one along. A nice piece, I thought, and rather than nix it I'm kicking it upstairs. Just in time, too. Received two new stories this evening. Got my work cut out for me.

Word from my buddies B & T back east. Mss from them, too. Looking forward to seeing what they've done. Strange how brief encounters can lead to friendships. Real ones. Have a great affinity for those boys, and hope to see them make good on their promise.

Ma arrived early afternoon. Looked tired but good for an 86 year old. Gonna have a nice quiet time with her while she's here. Received a note of condolence from an old, old friend today, as if by coincidence. Said he was sorry to hear about my father's death. In the card was a excerpt from Virgil. The Aeneid, chapter VI. Anchises and Aeneid reunited in the underworld. Broke me up. Down. To pieces. Thank you, my brother. I will not forget it.

Gonna start a new novel tonight. Send off an email or two. Sleep. Dream. Funny, but lately? When I'm feeling sentimental? A cat always appears from nowhere. Not sure what that's about, but I'm willing to run with it.

That thing we do? The one that keeps us looking to the future? Believing in the impossible? I'm for that. I'm living for that. Yeah, living for it.