Of stories and story tellers...

Putting this together just before quitting time. Busy day. Up early, out the door, off to the gym and home again. Was right about the weather cooling. But the alternative isn’t much better. Low temps for the first time in weeks, but at the cost of a smoky gray sky and blustering winds.

Had a nice morning, talking over tea. Heard some good stories. A few have changed in the telling and re-telling, but the woman has a way of making them work. Reminds me of the long hours I spent in the back of the station wagon each summer when I was a kid, traveling cross-country, listening to her spin her tales about cow camps and cowboys.

Ran across a New Yorker article about Mavis Gallant. Haven’t had time to read it yet, but hope to tonight. One of my all-time heroes. A master of the short story. Powerful, elegant, sophisticated.

Got a letter off to the boy this afternoon. Been a while since I’ve written him. (Even longer since I’ve seen him.) Can Dallas really be two years ago? Best not to count, I guess.