Nowhere to go but forward...

Been missing my favorite things. Muchly. Looking forward to tomorrow when the schedule favors something closer to normal. No gym today, no writing, no reading. Up late after watching TV till some crazy hour (Opening ceremonies of the Olympics). Remind me again why I did that? 

Breakfast at home this morning, then off to the ProRodeo Hall of Fame for a few hours. After, a visit to the old St. Francis convent up in Peregrine, and later still, a tour of Glen Eyrie castle. Big hits, all. Wine and pizza for dinner tonight. An early retirement if that’s in the cards. Gonna try and rise early, work out, knock off the rust of the past few days and start moving forward again.

Read a killer piece of work (part of my N queue) yesterday. Long, long story. Fifteen thousand words. But mesmerizing. Need to revisit it tomorrow, or Monday, to see if holds up under a second reading. Got a feeling this one might not just hold up, but get better.

Mom leaving tomorrow, mid-morning after a quiet stay. Subdued here, I think, compared to her life in New Mexico, but I believe she enjoyed it. On her way to Casper tomorrow for the first time in years. Be curious to know how it fares. Imagine it'll stir a memory or two.