Easing back into it...

Woke early this morning, then off to the gym. First one in. Twice now in the same week. Home in time to have a quiet cup of coffee before packing Mom's gear and dropping her off with my brother, who's driving her up to Casper, into the Bighorns for a five day adventure. Enjoyed the company, but happy to have the house back. Spent the rest of the morning writing. Most of it, anyway. 

Put in some new revisions on "Man of Letters" then headed off to the theater to see the new Borne movie. Flick wasn't anything to write home about, but it was a good way to kill the afternoon. Mowed the lawns when I got home, and spent an unexpected hour or so with the little guy. Tired now, and ready to settle in. Have that strange exhaustion that follows in the wake of visitors. Thought maybe I'd have some time to read, but it wasn't in the cards. Not sure I've got the energy or focus to do much more tonight.

Learned my buddy had to put his dog down today. Felt for him. Terribly. What rotten luck. He can't seem to catch a break. Been a tough, tough year. For his animals, and himself.

Looking forward to tomorrow. New day, new start.